More Than Your Average Institute at SHARELESH we deliver outstanding results across 3 key areas : Learning ,Long term growth and Long lasting support.


Creating Strong Base Starting From Scratch.


Working on Fundamental & Technical skills.


Working on trading Psychology, Emotions & Sentiments.


Strong base, acquiring knowledge & strong mindset eventually leads to a successful trading career.


Learn all the intraday strategies not only for Equity market but also for Commodity, Currency , Comex, Forex & Crypto currency like BTC, ETH, BNB which will help you in earning on day to day basis.


After the courses, based on your personal experience we’ll help you to create your own trading strategy.


Our back tested strategies ready for you to learn for earning 30% – 40% return in short term investments.


With portfolio strategy you will learn how and when to create your portfolio which will lead to your wealth creation in long term.


Live market session for students to overcome FOMO Trading, OVER Trading, REVENGE Trading and EMOTIONAL Trading and make you a proper Neutral Trader.


Get answers to most frequently asked questions by beginners related to stock trading or investing.


We are providing online and offline classes, so that you can learn from anywhere and earn from your comfort zone.



Introduction to Share Market .

Introduction to Crypto Currency.

Introduction to all segment of share market.

Get to know all major bodies of Share Market.

Get to know about technical analysis.

Get to know about Support & Resistance.

What is Japanese Candle Stick patterns.

Formation of candle.

Double Top & Bottom.

Triple Top & Bottom.

Deep analysis of Fundamental factors affecting share market.



Complete Analysis of candle stick patterns.

Identifying Candle stick signals.

Identifying Intraday reversal.

All types of DOJI with formulas.

All types of hammer with formulas.

Tweezer Top & Tweezer Bottom with formulas.

Get to know about Forex & Comex Market.

How to use indicates like, RSI, MA, EMA, Ballinger Bond etc.

How to use Trend lines, channels.

Head & Shoulder and Inverted Head & Shoulder .

Cup & Handle.

Get to know about indicators and different data’s.



Get to know about Option Market with risk reward ratio.

Get to know about Stock Option,

Index Option, Commodity Option & Currency Option.

What is NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Option trading.

Swing Trading Strategy for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY.

How to use Scalping for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY.

How Nifty & Banknifty actually moves.

What is Strike Price & Premium Price.

How to select Strike price.

What is ITM, ATM, OTM.

Deep analysis of OPTION CHAIN.

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Mohit KagMohit Kag
07:32 26 Oct 23
Awesome 👌
krishna yadav rajkrishna yadav raj
06:22 26 Oct 23
This coaching is very helpful or sir's method of education is also very helpful. Or sir, we do not tell you the useless things like all the coaching centers but tell us only those things which help us in the market. We are getting very good guidance from sir.
Pranjal Singh baghelPranjal Singh baghel
06:18 26 Oct 23
Chitra kumariChitra kumari
12:52 10 Oct 23
He is best teacher, best adviser in my life in trading line. I was nothing before him in share market .He guide me as a instructor and I earned lot of money because of sir guide me .sir I m feeling very good to ✍️ all this because u deserve more than this .I have no word for u.U r best teacher in my whole life.thqnk u sir .I am staying in banglore but sir always available for guide..
parakram pawarparakram pawar
16:28 26 Sep 23
Poonam TiwariPoonam Tiwari
15:29 09 Sep 23
Excellent sessions on option trading, and it is added much knowledge about options from basic to advance level. Anyone who is finding problem in trading to do join this trading academy because Fee is nothing compared to value you get👍.
pooja nigampooja nigam
12:45 05 Sep 23
SuniX EditzSuniX Editz
16:58 01 Sep 23
This is the good place to learning Trade and They have better experience about Market.
Priyanshi JoshiPriyanshi Joshi
16:57 01 Sep 23
The syllabus covers all the requisites to be learned about the stock market to become an investor/ trader.Also, enables to make informed decisions about personal finance..The methodology used by and way Shailesh Sir explains is beyond par..I attended the classes in online mode from the USA and it was an awesome experience..A must join institution to learn more about stocks and the market..
Deepak SharmaDeepak Sharma
15:47 01 Sep 23
I had wonderful experience with sir. His knowledge regarding market is just unmatchable. Built good portfolio with his help..
Ritik SinghRitik Singh
15:05 01 Sep 23
I have attended this academy and had great experience.I have learned many thing which is still helping me in trading.If you want to learn trading you can join here and can up skill you trading knowledge.Recommend.
Pankaj SahuPankaj Sahu
14:38 01 Sep 23
I had a fantastic experience at the trading academy! The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and patient, making complex trading concepts easy to understand. The hands-on approach through live trading sessions was invaluable, allowing me to apply what I learned in real-time. The course materials were well-organized, and the support staff was always available to answer questions. I feel much more confident in my trading abilities now, thanks to the trading academy. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their trading skills!